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A conversation with Doug Garofalo, AIA 1958 — 2011

What was the inspiration for the Fireorb?

I was in Italy, in one of my favorite houses in the world, and there was a fireplace with the back made out of glass.  Through the fireplace you can see the hills and valleys beyond. The impression you have is - fire floating in the landscape. That made me want to design some kind of floating fore for a house I was working on.

What was the resulting design?

The Fireorb is a suspended hearth with a 360˚ rotation field. It's fabricated by spinning steel according to a cad-governed form. I think the slim shape is contemporary and pure in concept but very organic at the same time. It is built to hang simply from the ceiling.

Who are the ideal owners of a Fireorb?

People who care how things look. People who appreciate the leap of imagination. People who want a distinctive, contemporary warmth in their home.

How do you use the Fireorb in plan?

The Fireorb can be at the heart of any space - living room, bedroom, den, kitchen, greatroom.

I like that it's a fire people can actually gather around. This kind of fire has deep echoes in the history of human culture. It creates a social space. It lets the fire be central again.

How does Fireorb compare to other fireplaces available?

I'm frustrate by the narrowness of the offerings in the US right now. Basically what you have is a hum-drum metal box that you're supposed to cover with drywall and slap a piece of marble on. Fireorb frees the hearth to float in the room exactly where the architect or design wants it.

A Few facts about our forests, burning wood and our enivironment

- North American forest is abundant and growing
- US forests covers 747 million acres (about 33% of the land base)
- 67% of total area of US forests (495 million acres) is commercial forest, used to produce timber for forest products
- Today, the volume of wood in US forests is about 25% greater than it was 40 years ago.
- We have about the same amount of land covered by trees today as it did 80 years ago
- Each year, there are 1.5 billion trees seedlings planted – that’s more than five new trees for each American
- Forest planting in the US currently averages about 2, 4 million acres per year
- Ship builders in earlier centuries were greater predators on the forest than current timber industries

When people think of a fire on the heart, they think of burning wood. Wood is the traditional fuel. It grows locally, is abundant in most areas and is one of our few renewable sources of energy.

Burning wood also makes great sense from environment standpoint. As concern about global warming and greenhouse gases increases, so does the attraction of using renewable biomass for energy.Trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, replenishing the atmosphere.

Most firewood comes from harvesting dead trees. Unlike fossil fuels, there is no net carbon contribution when burning wood, as those same gases are given off when the tree decomposes in nature. Also, wood contains almost no sulfur, the major component of acid rain.

Finally, tending a fire is labor of love, but is does take effort. For those people who cherish the relaxing ambiance of fire, but don’t have the time or inclination to fuss with a wood fire, other choices available.
One familiar way is with manufactured fire logs, which are made with recycled sawdust mixed with wax. They ignite easily and quickly without kindling, burn cleanly and leave little ash.

FAQ's coming soon
  • Suspended wood burning fireplace allowing 360 degrees rotation
  • Heart 40" diameter,weight 165 lbs including steel grate
  • Heart Material(black powder finish) 10 gage 1010 HR steel
  • black powder finish -matt high heart resistant (1200 deg.) powder
  • Stainless steel model- 304 10 gage stainless steel
  • Interior flue 8-5/8" OD,0.125 HR steel,weight 11.25 lbs/If
  • Opening 24'x 13" with liftoff stainless steel screen door
  • Rotation mechanism- stainless steel ball bearing system
  • 4 position flue dumper
  • 20"x 20" (10 gage steel) standard or custom made ceiling
  • Hanging plate
  • Exterior chimney system -DuraVent 10" OD double insulated as system
  • Max. chimney offset allowance 2X 30 degrees
  • Min. over all flue length for proper ventilation - 10'
  • Clearance to combustibles - please refer to cut sheet
  • Clearance to non combustibles - 12''
  • Tested and by OMNI- Test Laboratories and approved to UL standards
  • UL 737(United States) ULC S 627(Canada)
  • US EPA Exempt
Eco Friendly Fireorb

For those who cannot enjoy wood burning for technical or regulations reasons, we now offer an environmentally friendly version of the Fireorb!

It is ventless, creates no soot or smoke and needs no exterior flue. Retrofitted with a modern stainless steel EzyFlame burner, fueled by a renewable energy of denatured alcohol, it burns clean and is virtually maintenance free.

Featuring new concept of ventless eco friendly fire, the simplicity of the EzyFlame burner give you significant versatility, high efficiency and a cost effective heating solution.  Aesthetically pleasing fire presentation and Fireorb itself fits into a vast array of architectural environments. Ideal for any space, small or large, apartment, townhouse, loft , single family home or any commercial spaces including restaurants and hotels. The ventless Fireorb will create a cozy atmosphere and the pleasant reassuring presence of open flames nearby.


The stainless steel construction burner has a 3 quart capacity and it is fitted into low line rectangular shape grate with metal grid which curves upwards at front and rear.

With heat output average up to 16.000 BTU, enough energy to heat approximately  400  square feet of living space and 2 to 5 hours burning time with only one liter of fuel. The EzyFlame ventless burner is a great alternative for eco-minded clients.

About Bio Fuel (Denatured Alcohol)

The fuel is made using fine filtered bio alcohol from organic, renewable raw materials such as potatoes and grains. The bio-alcohol consists largely of hydrogen components that transform into a fine water vapor when burned. The only substances ultimately remaining after combustion are carbon dioxide (CO2) and water; two natural substances that we breathe daily. The amount of fumes resulting from the burn of bio fuel is equivalent to the burning of two mid-size candles.

Links To Bio Fuel Suppliers

Model/Finish Price Additional Interior Flue:
For wood and green versions
Additional Exterior Flue
Fireorb Black powder coat finish including:
hanging plate, hardware, interior flue for 12' ceiling max. Complete outside chimney system (Duratech HT stainless steel), 4’ chimney, rain cap, storm colar, flashing
$5900 USD Black powder coat finish $95/ LF 1' - $99
2' - $129
3' - $189
4' - $219
Fireorb stainless steel finish including:
Same As Above
$7800  USD Stainless steel finish $160 / LF Same as above
Fireorb Black powder coat finish "green" ventless version $5900 USD Black powder coat finish $95/ LF No Exterior Chimney Required
Fueled by renewable modern energy (denaturated alcohol)
Fireorb "green" Stainless steel finish including: Same As Above $7800 USD Stainless steel finish $160 / LF No Exterior Chimney Required
Crating & Shipping
West Coast $480
Northern Rockies/Southern Rockies $480
North Central $380
South Central $490
Northeast & Southeast $490
Alaska, Hawaii & International Contact us for Quote
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